Jewelry care guide

Our jewelry is designed to be loved and worn for years to come, but like most precious things, a little care goes a long way. Follow these tips to keep your pieces looking as fresh as the day you got them.Jewelry Care TipsLimit Chemical ExposureChemicals from lotions, perfumes, cleaning products, and more can cause tarnishing over time. Wait a few minutes after applying these before putting on your jewelry. Take off jewelry before reapplying products during the day.Remove Before WashingThough we design jewelry to be worn daily, remove pieces before washing hands, showering, exercising, or doing other water-related activities. This prevents damage from chemicals and moisture.Store ProperlyKeep jewelry in a dry, fabric-lined case or box when not wearing. An airtight container out of sunlight is ideal to prevent tarnishing. Storing pieces together by metal type helps too. Don't worry about mixing metals when wearing, just separate when storing long-term.Clean RegularlyGently polish with a microfiber cloth every few months to maintain shine. Avoid harsh jewelry cleaners or chemicals, especially on gold plate. For silver, use a soft toothbrush and mild soap and water, pat dry with a cloth. Unfortunately, we do not offer replacing services, so proper care is key!See our step-by-step guide for caring for each metal below to keep your pieces sparkling forever. Have any other questions? Reach out to our team anytime at