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About Nugget Jewelry defines contemporary fashion as a vibrant South Korean brand, uniting Japanese, South Korean, and Western influences into a unique identity embraced by global style enthusiasts.

Design Fusion:
Our design realm combines the talents of diverse designers from Japan, South Korea, and Europe, resulting in avant-garde aesthetics tailored for modern, visionary individuals.

Global Presence:
Beyond an online hub, our physical stores in South Korea, China, Thailand, and the United States establish a global footprint. Our dynamic sales teams curate personalized experiences for our diverse clientele.

Craftsmanship Excellence:
Meticulously orchestrated within our advanced facilities across South Korea, China, Thailand, and the United States, our journey from concept to creation reflects precision craftsmanship.

Simplicity Embodied:
In simplicity, beauty thrives. Our minimalistic designs, including the iconic Nugget Earrings and Rings, transcend cultural borders with an understated yet impactful allure.

Eco-conscious Endeavors:
Championing responsible beauty, we prioritize sustainable, eco-friendly materials, echoing our commitment to a greener future.

OEM/ODM/Wholesale Brilliance:
Beyond individual shoppers, our platform accommodates businesses with wholesale advantages for bulk orders. From online purchases to wholesale inquiries, our team is ready to assist.

How we design and produce

  • Drawing Sketching

  • 3D modeling

  • 3D printing

  • Wax Casting

  • Casting metal

  • Polish

  • Gold Plated

  • Strict QC


Discover Nugget Jewelry's comprehensive services – from OEM, ODM, and wholesale to dropshipping. Elevate your business with quality, unique designs, and seamless solutions tailored to your needs.



At Nugget Jewelry, our dedication to sustainability shines bright. While ensuring premium quality, we passionately incorporate recycled materials and offset carbon emissions. We proudly contribute a portion of profits to environmental initiatives, believing in the power of collective action against climate change.

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At Nugget Jewelry, our passion drives us, and we're thrilled to have you join us on this journey. It's more than jewelry; it's a lifestyle we embrace together.

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Jewelry Custom Design

Whether you have a clear vision or are exploring possibilities, our design team at Nugget Jewelry is here to assist. Craft a one-of-a-kind piece, tailored to your style. Share your ideas, sketches, or heirlooms, and our artisans will collaborate to turn your dream into reality.


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